Wine Projects

Complete service for your wine imports

As a complete service provider, we support our clients in developing their own products and brands, oriented towards their target market.


Choosing bulk-wines

Italy with its different wine regions offers an enormous range of bulk wine.

With our consistent market research and excellent contact network in Italy's wine-growing regions, we support our clients to select bulk wines in all categories, prices and volumes.

High-grade, unbottled Italian wines can be sourced from innovative small-scale winegrowers, premium wineries and renowned bulk suppliers.



Our experienced inhouse oenologists take care of refining and correcting unbottled wines according to our clients’ needs, in close cooperation with the oenologists at the wineries.

As the result, unbottled wine attains a unique and consistent quality, attracting a generous profit margin, and supporting your brand and business model.


Exclusive brands

We also have a number of exclusive and established labels to offer our clients. Having already completed all the administrative necessities and legalities, these off-the-shelf labels are available and ready to go.

Our own labels have all the advantages of a classic retail brand with a unique selling point to set them apart from competitors, both in terms of character and geographical denomination.

Export Union Italia's exclusive labels save clients the time and expense of coming up with a new label, registering trademarks and of course, far less administration work.


Private Labels

In today’s wine market, private label wines are a central factor. We help our clients develop their private label from A to Z.

This product has the advantage of being tailored to your business model and we guarantee consistency even across different vintages. Private labels reinforce your brand name and cannot easily be subjected to price comparison by consumers over the internet.

As with all of our other services, we’re highly flexible in handling orders of practically any size. We can handle large consignments as easily as smaller volumes, thus offering clients an exclusive Italian private label wine in relatively small quantities.


A-Z Design and packaging service

We design your private label in line with your business model. With many years of experience in the wine industry and product design, our experts understand the particular design needs of each market and consumer segment. If our client already has his own private label and graphics, you can leave to us to take care of the rest.

We offer a complete packaging range:

  • Bottles in all shapes: from Bordeaux to Burgundy bottles (Bourgogne), conical shapes to special formats, including embossing.
  • Wine bottles in all sizes and volumes: from 0.187 litres to 5 litres
  • Closures of all types: natural cork, technical cork, synthetic cork, screw caps (Stelvin/screw cap) and glass caps.
  • Bottle capsules in all standard materials and colours
  • Flexible carton packaging: from neutral standard cardboard to high-quality display cartons
  • Alternative containers: we can package your private label into bag-in-box, PET, cans or one-way kegs.

Service process

Your wine order will be packed and ready to go per the agreed dispatch date. Clients decide which batch order volumes and minimum delivery quantities they prefer.

Our trusted shipping partner’s state-of-the-art warehouse in northern Italy guarantees product availability and flexible call-offs.

Our sophisticated logistics system ensures reliable, just-on-time delivery.

Post-sales services include marketing support with advertising materials, data sheets and much more. Our experts will be pleased to assist you in person at our in-house events and fairs.

Any complaints that might arise are rapidly processed and timeously resolved.